At TangramCare, we ask and seek answers to the “Why” question.

We address the gap between prevalence, diagnosis & care in behavioral health




Patients non-compliance issues whether they involve prescription compliance, destructive eating habits, etc.; often are rooted in behavioral issues that are undiagnosed and therefore go untreated.




These unaddressed behavioral issues can result in deterioration of a patient’s health, unnecessary procedures and tests as well as more frequent hospitalizations.

The TangramSafe


Our Mobile screening platform uses biopsychosocial screeners that are streamlined and personalized to the individual patient.

Any Time

Administer at home or in the doctor's waiting room - tablet app suite or web based testing.


Patient self administered with interactive engaging design.


Results where you want them: EMR integration and web based portal

The screener applications are based on research and advisories from the US Preventive Services Task Force, WHO, CDC and NIH.

Using this low cost screening tool, we present a comprehensive behavioral snapshot to the clinical team for evaluation and medical decision making.

This is fun and engaging

Gives me actionable insights

My life will get better for real

Non compliance is costly and this gets to the root cause of WHY

Objective quality metrics for behavioral health

A way to engage with patients in a meaningful way

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